William Sonoma’s Valentine Velvet Heart, Small Easter Gift Crate, Holiday Assorted Gift Crate, Mini Assortment, Small Assorted Heart, and Pomegranate Caramels Tin contains Carrageenan used as a thickening agent in the cream and evaporated milk. William Sonoma’s Giant Peanut Butter Cups contain Titanium Dioxide in the Christmas Tree Deco. Titanium Dioxide is used as a bleaching agent for the white color in the Christmas tree deco. William Sonoma’s Hand broken Pumpkin Spice Toffee contains Sulfur dioxide in the ground ginger. Sulfur Dioxide is added to retain color in the ground ginger. Carrageenan, Titanium dioxide and Sulfur Dioxide are listed in the CECBP - Priority Chemicals (Biomonitoring California Priority Chemicals list). For more information about chemicals in these products, visit