Corporate Sales
Give a Gift of Good Taste

Let Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory help make gift giving a sweet experience! Always appropriate, our gourmet chocolates demonstrate your high regard for customers, employees, colleagues, family, and friends. Whatever the occasion, be it birthdays, holidays, or just pure appreciation, make a lasting and tasteful impression with delicious gourmet gifts from The World's Chocolatier™, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

A Year Long Program

Order in quantity within one year and enjoy huge discounts! Everything you purchase from the program options counts towards tremendous savings!

We Make It Easy For You

There are many ways to enjoy giving gifts. Our shipping charges include shipping direct to your clients for you. You just send us the information and we will take care of the rest. Another way to rest easy is to send us pre-written gift cards or your own company identified card, and we will include it with each gift.

Contact Information

Contact Customer Service, including all the pertinent details.