Cheesecake Caramel Apple

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How do you make a cheesecake apple cheesecake? We dip a large, crisp Granny Smith apple in a kettle of hot, bubbling caramel until we get a thick, heavy coating. Then, we dip it in melted sweet white confection. Last, we roll it in crushed graham crackers and, voila!
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Review by DD on 8/15/2021

I hate sweets unless it’s a tiny tiny bit and on very rare occasions but this apple!!! I love this Apple!! So good. Currently just cut some up and put the rest in the fridge thinking I could save some for later but I already finished that and I want more! It’s just so good.


Review by Franny on 7/27/2021

This Apple is soooooooo freaking good‼️ Please excuse the outburst lol, but it really is good. It’s not overly sweet and the apples are always fresh. Highly recommend this Apple if you’ve never been here.

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