Apple Pie™ Caramel Apple

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This is not your ordinary apple pie. We take a large Granny Smith apple, apply a thick coat of fresh, creamy caramel, then dip it in sweet white confection. Then, while still hot, we roll it in brown sugar and cinnamon. Like Grandma used to make, only better!
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Review by Big Tuna on 5/13/2023

These apples changed my life. Both delichious and nutrichious. Come one, come all, and taste the delectable ooey gooey goodness. You won't be disappointed. TRUST ME, no seriously TRUST ME. BT knows what's up. I come from the future, and this is the current currency. Please give me the recipe so I can travel back in time and see my lover once again. I miss my poor family, my son is dying of giardia. Okay, well, anyways try these apples. 5 out of 5 gold doubloons.


Review by Hope on 8/29/2022

Absolutely king of caramel apples! Its so delicious, tastes just like the best part of an apple pie. Keeps me coming back and I'm always craving it.


Review by Sofia on 1/25/2022

This flavor is by far my favorite!!!! You MUST try it. Trust me you won’t regret it!!! I can eat like 20 apples in 1 day. -sofia

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