Seattle Pikes Place Market Store

We have been RMCF Franchisees for almost 25 years, and it has been a real growing experience – for us personally and in our business life, for Rocky Mountain Corporate and for the RMCF Brand!  We opened our first store in a very small community in Eastern Washington, but when the opportunity arose for us to move it to the downtown tourist area of Seattle we did, and have not regretted it.  Lots of walking traffic and big windows with caramel apples on display and sampling on the sidewalk in front of the store has helped to make the store successful.

Original Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store in Durango, CO.

Ken and Sandi Franchisee owners of the Seattle Pikes Place Market Location

One of the reasons we attribute our success to is the support provided by the Rocky Mountain Corporate Staff.  They have helped us improve our store appearance, our customer service, our merchandising, and our bottom line.  Probably our biggest challenge is managing our store from a distance, but Corporate has even helped us with that.  Other recent challenges are the minimum wage increase in Seattle and a store remodel.  The Design and Graphics Departments have been amazing to work with and the field consultants are very responsive.

We have owned a lodging franchise and RMCF is by far more interested in helping their individual franchisees succeed!