Denver Pavilions & Writer Square

I grew up with the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory as the center of our dinner conversations. My father was one of the first franchisee owners and had secured himself a beautiful location on the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver's Writer Square. He would commute from Colorado Springs, so the conversations were the extent of my understanding and involvement. Later,  I went off to CU Boulder, and would spend my summers working in his store, enjoying the upbeat energy of Denver and the fun environment of his chocolate shop.


Making people happy.

Jump forward about ten years... I am married, with one daughter and another on the way. My husband, Eric and I have been working corporate jobs. A second amazing location in the Denver Pavilions, opens up 8 blocks up from my father's store. He isn't interested as he is close to retirement, but for Eric and I, the idea is exciting, scary and enticing, all at the same time.


Making people happy.

We jumped in, head first. The first years owning the business had been so wonderful for our family, that when my Dad retired 6 years later, we didn't hesitate to buy his location. Two years after that, the previous Miramar Beach, Florida owner asked us to buy his store. After visiting the store and analyzing and reanalyzing the financials, we decided to add a third to our family of RMCFs.


There are hard days, frustrating days and bad days, but most days are exciting, challenging, and good. We truly love this business.


Marissa Williams

Multi-Unit Franchise Owner